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Puppies Available Born May 25, 2006

Good News! . Giant Schnoodle of Joy puppies were born May 25, 06. They will be ready to go to forever homes about July 15.

For a puppy contact Joy caringpro@yahoo.com. Purchase price will be tax deductable as all proceeds will go to building our center for training service dogs and their families. Also there is sponsorship for a certain number of alter abled people to help them get a puppy. Submit an application for a service dog.

Here are their day 1 pictures:

Day 9 Photos Giant Schnoodles of Joy

Pics of Xena 200 dpi & 72 dpi & pics of Jazzy

or go to www.giantschnoodles.com and click on chat forum
The babies are all healthy, fat, so shiny, you can almost see your reflection in their coats. Mother and babies are doing well. Joy is recovering from the exhaustion of being up all night.

Favorite pics

A Giant Schnoodle of Joy Litter 04 at 4 weeks

More pictures

Pics: Good Karma the mama

Black Jack the daddy

7 month old Giant schnoodles of Joy, Xena and others
Click for more photos.

If you want more photos, got to www.giantschnoodles.com . click on photo albums
web site go to www.giantschnoodles.com To contact Joy, go to caringpro@yahoo.com
More favorite pics scroll to bottom

If you want to be sure to get a Giant Schnoodle of Joy puppy with my human imprinting and early training, please email me to reserve your puppy asap. Caringpro@yahoo.com. Please include your ph#, best times to call, time zone & earliest & latest I can call without disturbing anyone. Also see www.giantschnoodles.com If you are not interested in adopting one at this time, feel free to forward this email to your friends who may be interested.

I am the originator of the Giant Schnoodle breed. I am a small breeder with only 1 litter at a time so that I can give your puppy lots of individual attention, socialization and training. I start training them at 3 weeks. You can read more about that further down. They are health guaranteed, the parents are genetically tested, xrayed for hip displasia and you have ongoing training support on the chat forum. *Twinkles are my name for the puppies because they are the Twinkle in my eye.


Giant Schnoodles are a Hybrid Bred Specifically for Service, therapy, Agility, Carting, Doggy Dancing Canine Freestyle, Obedience, Farm Work, Horse Following, water dog, and All Round Family Pet. They are energetic enough to do diverse dog sports & service, & laid back enough to be a couch potato. Strong Enough to Pull a Wheelchair & Cart, gentle enough for children & the elderly. Hybrid Standard Poodle X Giant Schnauzer. They are extremely intelligent , sensitive & trainable. They mature early. Xena was doing full service, 3 hour downstays and supermarkets by 1 year old. We are working on the Diana project. We are researching with the plan to train some of them to prevent death from peanut allergies by alerting to traces of peanuts in food. All puppies are independently, professionally temperament tested at 7 weeks to fit with the needs of their special forever family. Temperament testing is done by Summerhill Kennels. Additional testing is done by protocols set up by Carole Shatz who is doing the academic research for the Diana Project. `

ALLERGIES & SHEDDING: They are Non to Low Shedding, and are allergy friendly to most allergy Sufferers.

BREEDING AND TRAINING OF PUPPIES: Giant Schnoodles of Joy are human imprinted and socialized from the moment of birth. Human imprinting is human bonding It means that the puppy is with a human 24/7 and learns to accept a human as their leader. This makes for a human bonded, very trainable dog. I am not a big breeder. I breed one litter at a time and give those puppies human attention 24/7. They even go to work with me. This is human imprinting. They accept a human as their leader from birth. I start training them as soon as their eyes open. Suggested reading – Leader of the Pack – Easy family reading about the dog culture, In human imprint & train my puppies starting as sooon as they open their eyes. This means you get an unusual, unique, outstanding puppy who already has some training, human vocabulary and is bonded to humans.

PUPPIES AVAILABLE AT TIME OF POSTING: Puppies available at time of this post. Puppies were born May 25, 2006. They will be ready to go to their forever homes about July 15.

CHILDREN: Giant schnoodles, are Great With Children.

INTUITIVE ABILITIES: We are finding that the Giant Schnoodle of Joy has tremendous intuitive abilities: to do blood pressure alert, blood sugar alert, pain alert, seizure alert (not yet tested) i.e. Xena Warns me before I have a painful episode. Xena has alerted me and woken me when my blood pressure was rising dangerously in time to get an ambulance and save me life. Giant Schnoodles have sldo saved the life of other animals (read emails from puppy parents)

POTTY TRAINING: They start potty training at 3 weeks and are usually fairly well potty trained by the time they go to their new puppy parents, if the parents follow my instructions. You get written instructions and a bonus of poopy woodchips to inspire your puppy to go where you want him/her to go.

NO NIPPPING: They are also well started on “no bites, give kisses”. So most of the time these puppies do not go through the usual puppy nipping stage if you follow my instructions. They are generally good with kids, cats, other dogs and people.

ONGOING TRAINING ADVICE: Puppy parents get fully written instructions and ongoing advice as needed for the life of the dog on the web site chat forum. Puppies can be shipped anywhere. However, if you pick your puppy up in San Diego on the designated day, you get a mini seminar on your puppy’s training, health issues and other questions you may have. (This is for the price of feeding me as we all share pizza or Chinese, Mexican or ??? as we talk about puppies).

SHIPPING: Puppies can be shipped anywhere. If you pick them up, they can usually go home with you on the airlines under the seat (arrange with your airline) or of course in your car if you drive. We also, arrange co-op shipping and driving when possible. Also I can sometimes arrange to put you in touch with a person who will courier under the seat airline travel in the cabin of the plane.

HEALTH, GUARANTEES & TEMPERAMENT: I am the originator of the Giant Schnoodles of Joy. I am the only one who Xrays my breeders and all hips are good or better. I do genetic testing. I also only use poodles and schnoodles for the mamma dog as they produce the best temperament in the puppy. You can check out the genetic testing at Registrations at the web site www.giantschnoodles.com . Puppies are vet checked, have all current shots, are microchipped. I include a health guarantee and a genetic guarantee. Parents are OFA xray’d. Pedigrees are provided. Statistically speaking, Giant schnoodles of Joy are less likely to have genetic defects than purebred dogs because of the diversity of the gene pool. To get a genetic defect, you usually require 2 similar recessive genes one in the father and one in the mother. Because these dogs are not line bred or in bred and the outbreeding to another breed makes it most unlikely that 2 similar recessive genes will combine in the breeding, Giant Schnoodles of Joy have what is called HYBRED VIGOR and therefore the dogs tend to be healthier than the purebred dogs who come out of a limited gene pool.

CONTACT INFO: Please email me caringpro@yahoo.com your phone # and best times to call, especially how late at night and what time zone you are in. I often call late when work & chores are done and I like to make some time for discussion on our first call. We can discuss if this breed is right for your family, price, shipping etc.

FEATURED IN LIFE MAGAZINE: Xena was featured in LIFE magazine Oct 2004. They did a huge interview with me and then didn't write anything I said. But the pics of `Xena are lovely.

CHAT FORUM - GET REFERENCES, INFO ON ALLERGIES: To talk to the puppy parents, & get references about me, my puppies or get training advice, or input on allergies from other puppy parents, go to http://disc.server.com/Indices/224017.html
or go to www.giantschnoodles.com and click on chat forum. I give lifetime advice on dogs and puppy training to puppy parents on the chat forum.

SIZE: When full grown Giant Schnoodles of Joy have been 50 to 70 lbs. You can request larger or smaller sizes & we try to accommodate, but temperament is the main criteria for placement

COLOR: Giant Schnoodles of Joy are usually black. Some puppies have white markings on chest and feet however the white markings often don’t show when they are grown up and the hair is long unless you take special steps when grooming to keep the white hairs longer. Once in a while when backbreeding schnoodle to poodle we may get a champagne colored puppy.

GIANT SCHNOODLE OF JOY DESIGNATION: The Giant Schnoodle OF JOY Designation is Given to Any Giant Schnoodle Who Meets Joy de la Ren's Stringent Testing Criteria for Genetics and Orthopedics as well as approval of the Bloodlines. Giant Schnoodles of Joy Do NOT Have Their Tails or Ears Docked or Cropped . Joy Considers This a Form a Ritualized Abuse. The Designation OF JOY, Can Only Be Bestowed on a Litter With Full Permission of Joy de la Ren.

Xena saved my life. At 5:00 AM Xena, my Giant Schnoodle of Joy woke me. I had excruciating pain in my left should blade. I was lighting headed and dizzy. I had difficulty getting enough air. I was soaked from the waist up in sweat. I tried to make myself believe I was imagining it. I got up to go to the bathroom and then lie down again. Then I thought I might have to have some medical attention later in the day, so I decided to prepare. I went to the 40-lb bag of dog kibble, which I keep in a lower cupboard. I tried to pick up the scoop. I groaned out loud in pain. I was in too much pain to feed the dogs. Then. I realized it wasn’t my imagination. If I was in too much pain to feed the dogs, there must be something really wrong. The ambulance came. My blood pressure was 200/100 and rising, which is dangerously high. It could cause a stroke or heart attack. My beautiful wonderful Xena, my Giant Schnoodle of Joy had save me by waking me in time. Xena went to the hospital with me (she’s a service dog) and stayed 3 days by my bed with no playing even though she’s just a puppy, a year old. She rode around on the gurney with me for all the tests. When they did a cat scan, I told her to down stay on the gurney and she stayed there while I got into the machine that went whrrr whrrrr back and forth over me. Nothing phased her. My biggest problem was trying to keep the staff from petting and distracting her. I really needed 2 dogs: a service dog for me and a therapy dog for the staff. Thank you Xena for saving my life!
After 3 days, I was discharged from the hospital with no damage to my heart, no stroke. Just more expensive medications to keep me healthy. I have returned to the usual fast moving pace of my life.
Scroll down to see how Schnoodles Ballard saved the life of a baby foal or scroll to the bottom for links to many pictures

Dr. Yannis Toussulis
Just Recieved Zoe
Thu Oct 20, 2005 12:26am

Last night I picked up "Zoe" the 31/2 month old Giant Schnoodle of Joy. She very quickly adjusted to riding in my car and started to bond almost immediately. Having already received a phone call from James, at Pacific Pet, I was already alerted that she was one of the finest dogs he's handled, moving easily into her shipping crate with no complaint.

By the next day (today), she has learned the run of the house, taking to stairs (for the first time) quite easily. She already has learned a new command, "go lay down," and she only had one accident (pee) because I had inadvertently closed the door to her potty-pool. When I put her to bed last night in her Ex-Pen that is close to my bed, she wimpered softly a little and then settled down quite nicely. I haven't heard any barking in the house, and she has found at least three areas to lay down in comfortably. This she does with great ease. She also has a favorite place outside to go potty. I tested her today to see how quietly she would sit while I counseled a client, and she performed splendidly!

I also took Zoe for a check-up today, and needless to say, she is in perfect health. The veterinarian commented on how "well socialized" Zoe appeared to be. That may have been an understatement. The time Joy put in with Zoe shows up immediately in how this dog trains her eyes on you, and how quickly she warms to human touch and commands.

She also rode around with me in my car most of the day, and she was a perfect traveling companion. By the end of the day, she had understood "get in the car."

I am greatly impressed with the intelligence, emotional balance, and intuitive empathy I experience in this dog. Upon first meeting her, several friends commented on the almost "humanoid" quality of her eyes. Having once raised a "Timber Shepherd" (half wolf and half German Shepherd), it was hard to concieve of a simple "dog" that could match my former pet's keen intelligence and attunement. Wrong.

Getting Zoe to San Francisco presented plenty of challenges to both Joy and I. Be forwarned that shipping rates, minimum crate sizes, and requirements have changed since earlier posts. But I can now say that it was worth the hassle and the wait.

This is truly an amazing creature and I look forward to having her in my life. Thanks for breeding these wonderful animals -- or shall I say, "humanoids" -- Joy.


Wow a year went by so fast......I have been so busy with camps, breeding , training and foaling out.
Schnoodles is great...he loves his mother for sure!
First about him....His hair is as soft as when he was a puppy...really really soft and fluffy. We try different hair cuts all the time...I feel like I have a barbie doll. I just recently trimmed off his hair in his face,,,it seems much dryer around my house. He sleeps on my bed touching me all night long.
He loves my little toy poodles, the barn cats and all other dogs. There's not a time ever that when I leave in the car that Schnoodles isn't sitting right next to me.
I have to tell a short story about when I went out to check mares, to make sure they were not delivering foals without help. I have to keep Schnoodles on a leash because he sometimes thinks its ok to go in search of ???? when nobodys around. SO I tied his least to a mares stall that wasn’t due to foal for a week or so. I was up at the other end of the barn isle cleaning up.( about 140 feet ) Well Schnoodles would not shut up...I kept screaming at him to be quiet, but he just kept growling( which I had never heard him do ever) I just thought he was mad that I had tied him. When I finished cleaning I was pushing my cart by him and he still kept growling -this was so weird, for some reason I decided to look into the stall...and almost died...there laying in the stall was a foal still in the sac!!!! THe mare had givin birth , placenta and all. And the foal was dying! I just about jumped the gate and ripped on the sac....This little tiny filly lay lifeless.....she was so small i was able to lift her up side down and get most of the fluid out of her lungs...It took an hour and half but she eventually got it together with her struggle for air.... I thought she would be oxygen starved and slow, but after we got her up,,,,she opened her mouth and went for the food!!
I will always listen to Schnoodles growls from now on....This foal would have absolutly died if it had not been for him.
He is a great guard dog in the truck...much more then my Rotti. I will measure and weigh him today..I bet he weighs not much more then 60 pounds,,,hes all hair and legs....oh ya he ran about 6 miles yesterday following us on the 4 wheeler, and went swimming at every pond we came to....water is his favorite....Theses dogs should be called water dogs! Great long flat strides...He trotted most of the way while the lab cantered...If he were a horse he would be considered a wonderful mover...and one more thing JUMPER! oh my gosh, he sails over everything! His dog pen, which is super super large, used to be a horse paddock, had electric fence on the top rail (5 feet) . This fence always kept horses in, but Schnoodle could leap out in a single bound! so i had to put electric on the top!
more later about the wonder dog
Ruth Ballard
>>> Joy De La Ren 04/11/04 11:35AM >>> Hi Steve, Thanks for the info. May I share your email wi other Twinkle parents and interested people? Joy Sure.
Steve Nobach wrote:Hi Joy. Here is some info re Gwen. She seems to be fully grown--FINALLY--and now weighs about 50 lbs, so still behind the other Twinkles. Gwen is very smart and STRONG and loves my wife and two daughters dearly. She is not a barker, and is very friendly with other people and dogs. I have never heard Gwen growl or show any anger or even distress. She minds well overall, but has a will and can be naughty on occasion. She loves to take our socks to the backyard and can be very sneaky in doing so. She will also snatch human food if she can seize the opportunity, even though she knows that is wrong. Gwen is very fast and agile and loves to romp around in the park; her favorite haunt is the Oregon coast. She also is very content sightseeing while riding around in the car with us--she likes to either sit straight -up or lie down on the back panel, which other people find funny to look at. Gwen is just a delightful companion and we enjoy having her as a member of the family very much!!! Her genes are worth keeping on the planet. I will email you some pictures when I get a chance. By the way, Gwen does not shed except little tufts of hair that we find infrequently. Have a good trip. Steve
I was sooooooo excited to hear about the other Twinkles. Joy is the light of my life....and has become the light of my husband Don's life as well. Joy is still living with him on the ranch and I go home frequently. She is much happier with the freedom she has there...as much as I miss her being with me full time...it is much better for her to be in Idaho on the ranch. It looks as if I will be able to transfer home in the near future and I look so forward to that.
Joy still spends most of her time pursuing the "ranch dog" lifestyle. She is absolutely wild about water. She plays in the irrigation water...the horses' watering trough...and will run and jump into our big tub when we say "bath time". She sits by the side of the tub if either one of us are soaking..hoping we will invite her to join us....NOT HAPPENING". She helped carry wood in this winter...if the door was open she would bring it into the house and lay it on the fireplace hearth...otherwise she dropped it out on the porch.
She and Zippy (the cow dog) have a morning ritual. Zippy sleeps out in the barn....he shows up every morning at the patio doors...Joy runs over and barks...her request to let him in.....then they rip and tear...jump on each other and roll around....get the sock and play tug-a-war. They also go gopher hunting together..sometimes you look out and all you can see are tales in the air as they dig. She and Mr. Bauch (the schnauzer) play "socky" as well but he plays with her only as long as he wants to and then gives her the "back off Joy" bark which sometimes she listens to but sometimes she pushes him to the....I'm going to bite your heard off, sister..growl.
She has her "Timmy's in the well" bark....we say what do you want, "show me" and she very gently takes you by the wrist and leads you to the dish...or door...or whatever.
She is wonderful with the grandchildren...she seems to know she could knock them down....Kori (the 2 year old) gets her around the neck and just stands and gently hugs her...Joy thinks that is great and gives her kisses. They have 14 acres they just built on (about 10 miles away) Joy loves to visit. She and Kyle (5yrs) go exploring together. You see them side by side going across the field.
Her favorite place to go is to Todd's Burger Hut where she gets her ice cream cones....they all know her and greet her with "the usual"...to which she replies with a polite soft bark "please". She eats her cone like a dainty lady licking it around and around...it lasts her the 3-4 miles home...she is usually ready for the cone just as we pull in the driveway.
She sleeps on the bed with us....and stretched out she covers the entire width of the king size bed. She weighed in at about 58 lbs las time at the vets...so she is a sleek machine...she has not put on any excess weight after being spayed.
Well like the other owners....I could go on and...........on about my Twinkles and still not have covered even a small amount of the "Joy" she has brought to me!!!!!!!!
I hope it brings you a warm fuzzy feeling to know how much these wonderful Twinkles mean to all who own them.
Sandra, Don, Zippy, Mr. Bauch........and of course...JOY.

I am thrilled to be asked to write a reference for Joy de la Ren regarding her breeding and training of giant schnoodles.
My "Joy" was purchased from the first litter of puppies bred and sold by Ms. de la Ren. My puppy was shipped to me via air. I picked her up from the airport in Portland, Oregon. I found my puppy to be in wonderful physical condition.
"Joy" was very well socialized. She knew many basic commands. We bonded immediately. I was given specific written instructions on how she had been socialized and what her training had been up to that point. It was very easy to follow the instructions and progress with her training.
Because she had been so well socialized, I was able to take her anywhere. I did enroll he in basic obedience classes (as agreed upon on before purchase). She was the STAR PUPIL in her class and made a huge impression on the trainer who had worked with Labradoodles but had never worked with a Schnoodle.
I have found this breed to be extremely intelligent and very trainable.
I am 59 years old and was raised on a ranch in Eastern Oregon. I have been around working dogs all my life as well as always having house dogs. Joy is the most outstanding dog I have ever owned. There are times I feel guilty that all these wonderful attributes are not being used in a specialized area. However, I just love having her as a part of my life. She brings so much "Joy" into my life and the lives of my family.
If anyone would like to visit with me about "Joy", I would be happy to talk with them....although I am not very objective.....I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my dog. I believe that breeding has much to do with the intelligence and temperment of the Schnoodles, but I also think that the way they are handled the first days, weeks, and months has a profound influence and must be taken into consideration when purchasing a puppy. I believe Ms de la Ren has put together a wonderful breeding program and has the expertise in handling these puppies to produce an animal that is superior.

Sandra S. Traw
503 981-2175 (mornings)

What’s different about Giant Schnoodle of Joy puppies

What is different about my puppies:
I originated this breed. Some puppy mills and other breeders are copying me.

What differentiates my puppies is as follows:
1. I xray my breeding stock and do other genetic testing
2. I do one litter at a time who are with me 24/7 They even go to the office with me. This produces a human imprinted puppy who see humans as their leaders. This makes them more more easily trained than other puppies. .
3. I start training them as soon as they open their eyes
4. They are kept squeaky clean from day one so they want to be clean
5. They are potty trained on woodchips because the smell of woodchips transfers to outside. This is so I can give my puppy parents a potty trained puppy
6. I train no bites give kisses
7. I give a seminar and written instructions to my puppy parents so they can carry on the training and have a puppy who is already well started on training
8. I temperament test my puppies and fit each puppy with the right family The temperament training is done by an independent professional trainer: Summerhill Kennels
9. I think the most important thing I do is teach the puppy to communicate. I try to teach the puppy parents to communicate rather than to – train – the puppy. If this Is carried through, it produces a very different kind of a dog. This a dog that never needs to be forced to do anything. You never need to use a prong collar or any other kind of forceful equipment on these dogs. You only need to ask them to do something. Because of their early training and human imprinting, they will do anything you ask them once they understand what you want. All you need to do is learn to communicate with them so they know what you are asking of them. This is why I recommend that you find a clicker trainer. They generally understand about using only positive reinforcement and understand communication. This, along with the combination of these 2 breeds make for a very different kind of dog.
10. These dogs are bred and raised for service. As this is a very expensive way to raise a puppy, not all the people who need them for service can afford them at this time. So many of the puppies go to pet homes. This is an experiment that I am doing and the results are turning out to be better than I ever could have dreamed. At some point I hope that I can study and document the anecdotal evidence that we are all seeing with these dogs. I am delighted that 3, possibly 4 of the dogs in this litter will be used for service. Of course my dog is the best service dog I have ever had. She has already has saved my life. A brother of my dog has saved the life of a foal. The father of this last litter (a giant schnauzer) saved a baby bird. People who get them as pets are getting a dog who is bred and raised to do a job. They need mental stimulation. They want to learn. They want to be with and communicate with their people on a much higher level than most dogs.
11. I am not a religious person. Generally, I don’t believe what I can’t see. But I seem to be guided somehow by Zeus my giant schnauzer, who physically left us is 01. He was a rescue. He taught me much of what this incredible breed can do for people. When he finally learned that there was enough food (he didn’t need to grab and gobble) and enough love in this world for him, it was time to leave. Not when I was ready but when I had learned the lesson he came to teach me and when he had learned what he needed to learn. It was devastating to me. But it is as though he guides me and tells me what I must do to develop these dogs and take them to their full potential to help people. Its almost like I don't have a choice. I must do what I am guided to do.
You, puppy parents are all part of this great experiment. Any feedback you can give me over the years helps to bring this experiment and this great breed to the next level. When you vary from my training methods, that’s okay. Just tell me how it turns out so I can learn from it. By putting it in writing, you will also learn. I like to know what works, what you tried that didn’t work or what could have been done differently. This is a wonderful community of fabulous people and we are all learning together. By sharing we learn more.

12. Please scroll down and read about the Diana project. This feels like what Zeus is guiding us to do. It feels right and these dogs will save many lives. There are some very prominent, talented people who are considering setting up the project. I can only hope that they do. Some very talented, knowledgeable people set up a protocol for me to test for these abilities in these puppies. If the time is right, it will happen.
So this is what you are getting when you adopt a Giant Schnoodle of Joy. I welcome your comments.

Xena, Giant Schnoodle of Joy at 16 months and dancing


Wedding on a Dog Chariot, Rose Bowl Parade & other pics

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